The Second Point of the Clan

The Second Point of the Clan


Mother and Child Bond

Clan Garra wants people who are dedicated to helping those who come after. Usually in society, people always ask of the virtue of helping others when it applies to them. They want people to break their neck and their back in order to mentor them, to coach them, and to support them when they are on the come up, and then kick the ladder down after they make it to the top. This is a sign of betrayal that is unacceptable here. When you were on the come up, how would you feel if the person who could help you out decided to kick the ladder down and prevent the entry of you? How would you feel if your mentors decided not to help you? How would we feel, Clan Garra, if our mentors and mentor clans decided to kick the ladder down and not help us? The answer is that we would not be here to help you and mentor you. If our mentors decided to not be grateful and help us, then we would by no means be helping you. The same thing applies when you decide to come to us for mentorship and guidance. We are here to help others become successful and qualified individuals, and we know that in order to become great, we have to be willing to share our knowledge, so we become better people!

Just like a mother helps her child, a clan helps its offspring. Just like a university is similar to a mother (hence, alma mater which means “sweet mother”), Clan Garra is here to basically be a mother that fosters and cares for its members, which is each and every one of you. We want to guarantee you the best quality and best service that a mother could offer and that a father would offer. We want you to grow and develop, which is why we choose to ask you to understand why we are so strict on the philosophy of giving back. It is selfish to hoard knowledge, just so you can benefit for yourself. It is selfish to hoard resources solely for yourself. It is for people to learn and grow. It is for those to become better people, so that society advances as whole! We want you to become great members, and this only happens when every person is willing to carry their own weight, which is why Clan Garra is here!


When you scroll through the site, we hope that you find value and are able to grow and learn each and every day. If you learned something new every single day, then you would learn 365 new things every single year! Add that up over a lifetime, and you learn a lot of stuff! Now, the question is, what stuff should you learn? You should learn what it takes to fulfill your purpose in life. Someday, if Jesus does not return before you die, you will die, so you need to know what your purpose in life is!


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