About the Clan

About the Clan

About the Clan

About the clan, we believe in helping others. We are confident that we will be able to give you the necessary to inspire people to be the best they can be. We are confident that you will work with us, and we know that we can be the best source of advice for you. Our community is dedicated to giving you the care that you need to eventually become your own leader. We want you to be a part of the community of Clan Garra. As Sean Bolton said on Moz.org at this link, people feel different, and when you find people who are different in the same way you are, that is when it is time to join. As humans, we believe in offering the best service and caring for those who vibe with us and truly want to be helped.

Clan Garra is confident to giving the best service, and we are confident that we can give you the service that is necessary to develop you into a productive clan member. When you join this community, you may ask a couple of different questions:


Are these people similar to me?


Will these people welcome me with open arms?



The answer to these questions usually decide who will stay a part of this community. We are confident that we can offer you the best service, and we know what it takes to give you what you need to make a significant contribution to this community. In designing a community, it is important to support individuals so they become important contributors. When it comes to community, you can be sure that we are the community that you want to be part of, because we devote time to make this clan to be the best it can be. Our clan is dedicated to making sure every one of our members are productive, because it would be hard to contribute to the world if you did not obtain the resources necessary to become an amazing individual? We believe in offering the best business services, and we are confident that you will enjoy being part of our community. At Clan Garra, we are sure that you will enjoy becoming better, and we are sure you will want to stay part of our clan. Like the Moz.org article said in the Community Commitment Curve, which has been done by Douglas Atkin in The Glue Project, that when you actively engage more in the community, you become more involved with the clans and are more tied to it.



We are a tightknit community that values its members. When it comes to contribution, we are eager to work with you so you can build your expertise in what we have to offer. We have members that are eager to give five hours to make an amazing sub-group, and we have members that are eager to contribute thirty minutes to making a subject line for the group. We value whatever our members contribute, because we want you to know that if it was not for you, WE WOULD NOT BE HERE. Your contributions are important, and we recognize all the effort that is put and do not take it from granted.


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