Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make My Own Clan?

Go ahead.

How Difficult is it To Make a Clan?

Not easy. We go through people who wish to enter, steal all the secrets, and then disappear into the night. We actually expect that, which is why we continue to offer valuable sources. The gems you take from us are still gems, we admit. It is just that once you leave, you basically halted your gem-stealing days and our just left with the few you took from us. You ate the golden goose and kept the three gold eggs it laid. It is similar to leaving the United States or Nigeria. Many people really like to live in the United States and Nigeria and could easily take many of its values over to another country. The thing is that you will have to leave the United States and Nigeria, which many people do not like to do, because they now how valuable it is to stay in this country. The same thing applies to this group. You can easily take the ideas with you, which are not your own, and make your own. The thing is that you will not be part of this clan or group. Simple as that.


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